Faculty Access

Web Attendance Login
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This site is where you will record attendance for each student and access student/parent contact information. If you have forgotten your password (hint: it is the same as your Rivers’ email password), please contact Lindsey Robb at l.robb@rivers.org.

Attendance Codes

EX Excused Student Absence
TA Teacher Absence
UNEX/C Unexcused Student Absence (Contacted teacher)
UNEX/NC Unexcused Student Absence (No Contact)
WTHR Weather-related absence
HOL School Holiday
EX-MU Excused, and made-up
TA-MU Teacher Absent, and made-up
WTHR-MU Weather absence, and made-up
HOL-MU School holiday, and made-up
NOT-SCH For pro-rated semesters, a week with no lesson/class/ensemble scheduled

Payroll Schedule 2019-2020
Attendance must be completed and extra hours e-mailed to Lindsey Robb by the Monday before each payroll date (at 12 noon):

September 27, October 11 & 25
November 8 & 22, December 13 & 27
January 24, February 14
March 6 & 20, April 3 & 17
May 8 & 22, June 5

Contact Information

Lindsey Robb
Assistant Director
Payroll questions, Attendance website

Malcolm Dyer
Administrative Assistant
General inquiries, workshops, room reservations

Ernie Gurish
Schedule changes, billing questions, website changes

Marissa Birne
PR materials, social media