Preparatory Orchestra

Rehearsals: Fridays, 4:00-5:30 pm
Whitney Tandon, conductor

This orchestra, conducted by Whitney Tandon, is designed for talented young string players. Rehearsals focus on sight-reading technique, rhythm, intonation, listening skills, poise in performance, extended concentration, expression, ensemble, and tone quality. Candidates can read music proficiently, have moderate sight-reading abilities and demonstrate ease of playing in the first position, and are working on beginning shifting.

Audition Requirements:
2 contrasting selections
1 or 2 octave scales of the musician’s choice

Past Performances:
Woolstenhulme – Baila Conmigo
Handel – Minuet from the Royal Fireworks
Bishop – Assemble the Minions
Vivaldi (arr. Brubaker) – Gloria