Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Ensembles

Jazz Combos
Rehearsals | Weekdays & Saturdays

RSC offers multiple jazz ensembles to accommodate adults and children of any ability. All rehearsals take place after school during the week or on Saturdays. Ensembles consist of four to seven players and focus on learning phrasing, communication, and group improvisation. Students are placed according to previous experience and instrumental ability.

World Music Ensemble
The World Music Ensemble is open to any student who is interested in learning to play and improvise in non-Western music traditions. All instruments are welcome. The repertoire for the class will be given to students in the form of a recording. They will be taught to learn assigned material by ear with help from the instructor each week. Students will explore the musical traditions of countries around the world, including Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, South America, and Israel.

Jazz Improvisation – Beginner & Intermediate
Students learn the foundations for constructing a solo in a fun group setting. They also learn basic chord types and scales, as well as ways to create a coherent and interesting solo.

Tuition & Audition Information
Auditions for jazz ensembles are on-going throughout the year.
Tuition Rates

Philippe Crettien, Director of Jazz Studies