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Page last updated: February 2, 2021

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Top 10 Community Must-Dos for the Fall Semester:
 The number of students and faculty allowed in each room will be limited based on social distancing calculations provided by Environmental Health and Engineering (EH&E). These social distancing capacity numbers will be displayed on a sign outside the door of each room.

2) Masks are required at all times for all individuals at The Rivers School Conservatory: faculty, staff, students, families and any guests attending an event at RSC.
– Masks will be provided to all RSC faculty, and one mask will be provided to each student at the start of the school year. All individuals are expected to bring a mask to campus daily, whether it is one provided by RSC or another that meets the requirements specified below.
– Any individual who does not follow this rule may be asked to leave campus.

3) Parents/guardians should remain in their cars when dropping off and picking up students, unless asked specifically by the student’s teacher to sit in on a lesson.
– There will be no parent waiting room available.

4) Only one person will be allowed in the restroom at a time. Remember to wash your hands as often as possible and after restroom use.

5) Only one person may use the elevator at a time.

6) All individuals are expected to wash their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or to utilize the portable hand-sanitizer stations available in all entrances/hallways and bathrooms.

7) Intensive cleaning will happen on a nightly basis and a walk through cleaning person will wipe down high touch areas including door knobs, chairs, stands, and bathrooms daily.
– Piano students are expected to wipe down the keys before and after their lessons with provided disinfectant wipes.
– Faculty will wipe down instruction areas, bows etc. in between lessons with disinfectant wipes provided by RSC.

8) Student entry into Bradley Hall will be staggered. There will be no gathering, grouping or congregating inside or outside any of the buildings being used for RSC purposes at any time.

9) The RSC staff will be the COVID-19 contact persons.

10) All families and faculty must complete our community pledge prior to the start of the year, agreeing to a daily health screening process (additional information below).

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If you have requests for other resources to be made available on this web page, please feel free to share your requests with Ernie Gurish or Marissa Birne.

Community members who travel to a high-risk state must quarantine for 4 days upon returning to MA, before obtaining a COVID-19 PCR test on the 5th day. They may return to RSC in-person if their test comes back negative. Those who choose not to test after traveling will need to quarantine for 14 days before returning to in-person RSC activities.

Students whose day schools close for any period of time due to the spread of COVID-19 are asked to transfer their RSC activities online and refrain from coming to campus until they are permitted to return to their school in-person.

SmartMusic – A web-based suite of music tools including a metronome, music library, sight reading exercises, and some recorded accompaniments.

Cadenza LiveIf you have an Apple device, you can use this app to practice with live orchestra recordings of a variety of classical pieces. The app will slow down and speed up alongside you as you play with it. Some of the orchestra recordings are free, some are paid.

Most Recent RSC Announcement: August 17, 2020
Dear RSC Families,

I hope that you’ve enjoyed the summer, although it’s been an unusual one! It’s almost back-to-school season, which means that our fall start date of September 14th, 2020 is quickly approaching. Due to COVID-19, we know that this fall will be different than in past years. All of us at RSC have been working tirelessly to make sure that you can count on us to prioritize student learning while minimizing risk.

Throughout this process, we have worked closely with Environmental Health & Engineering (EH&E), an environmental consulting firm which has guided 40+ schools and universities in their efforts to reopen. Every decision we have made has been thought through and vetted, and we feel confident in the reopening plan we have put in place.

We are pleased to share this plan with you today: As you will read, RSC will open on a hybrid model which allows for a combination of remote and in-person instruction to accommodate individual needs and comfort levels. Please follow the link below to view the full details of our plan. We hope this document provides a clear explanation of what you can expect from RSC and gives students, families, and employees the resources they need to resolve any questions or concerns. Your safety is of paramount importance to us.

We look forward to seeing you again soon, whether you opt to return to campus or remain remote. RYO students will also receive orchestra-specific information later this week. To all of our families — Thank you, as always, for being a valued part of our community!


Gabriella Sanna
Director of The Rivers School Conservatory

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